Why rewrite your code when you can borrow it
MIXINS in flutter

Why rewrite your code again and again when you can borrow it — mixins in flutter

Every flutter developer will definitely face the situation where they have to use the same functionality again and again. But it is not at all an ideal approach to rewriting it again.

As always, we are not going to make it too lengthy. Let’s explore it in flutter simplified style.

Then what we should do!

  • Well, we have mixins in flutter. Mixins help you in reusing code over your project in an efficient way.
  • Mixin contains both properties and methods which you can use with any of your classes.

Let’s see how to use it

There are two ways to declare mixins:

Option-1: Using the mixin keyword

Option-2: Deriving a mixin from a class

Note: You can’t derive mixin from a class that extends any other classes.


Mixins are similar to interfaces but have declarations. It will help you in organizing your code in a better way. Next time when you work on any project, try using mixins. Also, it provides single-point change when you have to make any changes to any functionality.



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